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How To Wash Bed Sheet Full

Bed sheet full – The cotton sheets are the ones we use most often to dress our bed. They are absorbent and do not retain moisture, so they are ideal for hot summer nights. Their fibers are natural and, therefore, the air circulates better by them and they do not provoke allergic reactions to sensitive people. At the time of washing, it is important to follow a series of precautions to maintain our sheets in an optimal way so in a way we give you the keys to know how to wash cotton sheets and that these last longer and in better condition.  Before washing the cotton sheets, you should carefully read the washing instructions on the garment label. There will be important information related to the product such as the materials, the color or the yarn of the sheet. Remember that cotton sheets can be made with different types of fibers and even with mixtures of materials, such as polyester.

Wash the cotton bed sheet full in the washing machine with warm water using a neutral soap so if you wash your sheets with very hot water can shrink and lose color. If your sheets have embroidered details choose to use a program suitable for delicate garments and a soft spin. Remember to change the sheets every 5 or 7 days, wash them and, if possible, dry them in the sun. The outside air and the sun set the colors and keep the whites brighter and brighter; do not leave them too long since you could get the opposite effect. Remove them when they are dry. If you are using a dryer, dry them at low temperatures to keep them longer.

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Do not mix bed sheet full sheets with knitwear such as socks or sweaters as they can release lint that adheres to the fabrics. In addition, when you finish buying, it is advisable to wash the prints or color alone to avoid fading and remove dye residues and chemicals. When ironing, if you feel lazy, remove the sheets from the washing machine and carefully stretch them. Wear them as straight as possible, avoiding folds, with this simple step you will not need to iron them. If in spite of everything you prefer ironing, moisten the garment and use the iron at medium temperature. When you make the bed again, add a few drops of perfume in the corners that maintains the good smell and helps you to rest placidly.