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Brown Coverlet Design Ideas

A brown coverlet is a rectangle bed cover that can be filled with different types of filler, including down and fiber fill. Duvets are often used as replacement for a regular bed duvet or bedspread. Because of the thickness of most quilts, they are not easy to wash. Most people use duvet covers over the blanket itself to facilitate removal and cleaning. The realization of a quilt cover can be a cheap way to decorate your bedroom. And then buy two flat plates to be used for the top of the duvet cover and the other to use for the bottom. Measure the width and length of the duvet you cover. You would like to buy flat sheets just a bit bigger than the duvet. Typically the size of the mattress you have determines the amount of sheets you need to buy. For example, a king size bed usually uses a king size duvet, and thus two king size flat sheets for duvet covers.

Iron wrinkles out of the sheets. You may want to wash the sheets to soften them before sewing brown coverlet. Spread a sheet onto the floor and cut it 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the measurement of your duvet. Do the same for sheets to the other sheet, so both plates are cut in the same size. For example, if your duvet is 70-by-85 inches, and you would cut your sheet to measure 72-by-87 inches.

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Determine the type of closure you want on one side of the duvet cover. You can use a zipper, buttons, snaps or Velcro. If you are not familiar with sewing on a zipper or making buttonholes, Velcro or snap tape is the easiest way to go. It is necessary to have a form of closure so that you can remove duvet covers and launder it.

How to make a brown coverlet use bed sheet set, place the right side of the sheets together and pin the edges around every 8 inches to keep them from slipping while sewing. Thread the sewing machine with matching thread and use your standard presser foot. Beginning 20 inches from one corner, sew around the edges on all sides, giving a 1/2 to 3/4 inch seam and removing the legs as you approach them. Do not sew around the cover completely leave about 36 inches open. You want three sides completely sewn, and the fourth page will be partially sewn.