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Camo quilts – Choosing a good comforter mainly has to do with the fact that we can buy a comforter that shelters us when winter arrives without having to use a blanket. With winters that are getting colder, many bet on comforters such as warm sleeping pens and without having to notice the weight of several blankets over, but the truth is that when going to buy our quilt can find so many compositions and models that it is difficult to know what to choose and more if we add the fact that there are well-known brands whose models we find later in similar and cheaper ones. So which one to choose?

To know how to choose good camo quilts it is basic to know its composition. In this way we can choose depending on whether we want a model that is more or less heavy, more or less durable or that is related to natural or synthetic compounds. On the other hand we also have to take into account the gram-mage (density of filling) to know how much heat we receive from our quilt when we cover.

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They are recommended for those looking for a comforter that is light, warm and fluffy. It is also a type of composition that absorbs moisture accumulated during the night. This filler is generally formed of feather, so that they are more voluminous what is translated in a greater number of chambers of air with which the thermal insulation increases. We also have natural camo quilts that are down (which is the softest part of the pen without the cane) which are even lighter and of course, somewhat more expensive. These types of duvets usually require weekly ventilation to preserve their properties and we also wash it in dry cleaners. Also for allergy sufferers, you should know that both feathers and down are cleaned with anti allergic so that you can buy them without problem although perhaps a synthetic is a better option.

This type of comforters are lightweight, cleaned and maintained more easily (by being able to safely place them in the washing machine) and are hypoallergenic so that people with allergies can use them without risk to affect them. Its composite is usually of polyester fibers that contain air to make them lighter and insulating. They are silicon zed hollow fibers so that they feel natural to the touch. Microfiber also offers a volume similar to down. Choosing a good comforter also has to do with the gram mage that we have already said that refers to the density of the filling or the composite of the Nordic.