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Fancy Wine Glasses Ideas

Now did you know that it is essential to have the right wine glass for the right wine style? The perception of the wine you serve is considerably influenced by the shape of the wine glass you have selected. Even while deciding cuisine etiquettes, all these matters make a lot of difference. Take a look at the stem of your wine glass while selecting the best fancy wine glasses as this also makes a huge difference. The shape of the wine glass affects not only the temperature of the wine in the glass, but also the aroma and flavor of the wine.

For most social purposes, three kinds of glass wines are in common use. The red fancy wine glasses should be characterized with rounder and more wide bowl for better cooling of wine, giving it a breathing passage. Two different styles of red fancy wine glasses are Burgundy and Bordeaux. The white fancy wine glasses are more straight sided or tulip shaped. It helps to keep the temperature of the chilled white wine. The sparkling champagne glasses are characterized with tall glasses which are having a narrow bowl on the top. Apart from the styles of your glassware, you should be also keen to find out two aspects of your stemware – the glass you choose should be plain and clear to help analyze the quality and age of the wine. Secondly, the size of your glass should be so big that one serving will fill only bottom half of the glass. These wares that are considered as natural extensions of the wine should be able to capture the best color, bouquet as well as taste of your wine.

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For ages now, crystal fancy wine glasses have come to be associated as the best fancy wine glasses for any occasion. It is their brilliant appearance and sturdy combination that sets them apart from the huge crowd. It is the lead content in crystal that makes it sturdy, soft as well as heavier. Some crystal glasses are also trimmed in silver or gold to give it that look of elegance! Also they assume the tone of the environment. Though the choices are endless, the best fancy wine glasses for you depends on many factors like the type of other cutlery you would be using and the type of wine you plan to serve to your guests to name a few. However, because of the huge attributes that a wine glass selection could add to your final dinner table, it is always advisable to go by your heart!