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Plug in hanging lamp – Lamp cables carry electricity from the outlet to a lamp plug. All cables of the lamps have an identification mark runs the entire length of the rope. This mark, either a ridge or groove in the insulation of the cable, the cable identifies as the electric neutral wire. The other wire is the hot wire that carries electricity from the main panel to the device. The neutral plug in the socket is also identified as the vertical slot as the cable plugs into the receptacle. The other shortest vertical slot plug way is the hot wire connection. Disconnect the old lamp cord from the wall outlet. Unscrew the bulb from the lamp socket.

Pull the cute plug in hanging lamp socket apart by pressing the upper half of the socket between two fingers. While applying pressure, gently pull the top half of the socket upwards. The cable connections are shown below. Remove the cable from the screw terminals on the light socket. Use the screwdriver to turn the screws counterclockwise. Note the wires are attached to a screw and silver colored copper screw. The silver screw is connected to the neutral wire, while the copper screw connects the hot wire. Cut the old lamp cord 6 inches from the base of the lamp. Place the cable end of the new lamp wire next to the old one. Overlap the cable ends by 2 inches.

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By holding them firmly together, wrap a piece of black tape around the two wires. Pull the old cable through the lamp connection. Carefully feed the new cable through the lamp base and outlet. Take your time, so the two wires do not separate from the tape joint. Pull the lace age of the new one. Discard the old thread segments. Strip off 3/4 inch from the insulation cable end of the lamp to reveal the copper veins below.

Rotate the individual strands of yarn between the fingers together to form a strong wire joint. Do this for each cable. Attach the neutral wire identified to the silver screw. Fit the braided cable under the screw terminal. Tighten the screw in a clockwise direction. Place the unidentified hot wire under the copper colored screw, and tighten. Push the two halves of the lamp socket together. Be careful not to pinch the wires when the two halves are joined. Replace bulb. Plug in hanging lamp decor the cord into the power outlet.