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How To Clean Southampton Quilts

Southampton quilts – Most comforters will tell you that they can only be dry-cleaned, but did you know you can clean a comforter at home? Dry cleaning can be expensive and sometimes cost as much as your quilt. It is not as difficult as it may seem to clean a quilt at home. The best time to wash all the bedding is in spring and summer, when it is already hot and the blankets, quilts, duvets and pillows dry much faster. Washing comforters is easier than it sounds. Join me to see some tips for washing quilts. Something to keep in mind before washing a duvet, are the wash instructions that come on the label, which we must follow without exceptions. Also check that the duvet has no break or is found somewhere.

If our quilt is made of cotton as is generally the case. We have to use mild detergents and soaps preferably without perfume and avoid softener. Depending on what size southampton quilts will have will be the way we will wash it. If it is very large it is best that we take it to a laundry. Although we can wash it in the bathtub, but if it is medium and fits well in the washing machine of our home, we can wash it at home.

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How to wash quilts in a washing machine. The first things we will do is place the detergent in the washer and dissolve it well with warm water and then put the quilt. It is important to use the delicate cycle of the washer. At the end of the washing, to make sure there is no detergent left on the duvet, we will place it again in the washing machine to rinse it off. To dry the duvet we can dry it at medium temperature in the dryer or hang it on the clothesline for a few days.

The filled southampton quilts are washed basically the same as those stuffing material. We cannot use detergents or fabric softeners to wash them and it is best to use warm water and mild soap, such as toilet soap.  After washing we have to rinse it three times so that no residue of soap remains. If you want to squeeze the duvet but you do not want it wrinkled, it is best to squeeze it gently until the excess water is removed. Then we can put it to dry at medium or low temperature inside the dryer, or we can also hang it on the clothesline until it is dry. Before you go to wash your duvets. Never use bleach to wash a duvet.  If you are going to hang it on a clothesline. Put it in the shade so that it does not stain with the sunlight. So that the filler fits, shake the quilt after it dries and make sure it is dry before storing it as it can get rusted with moisture.