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How To Hold Tutu Bed Skirt In Place

Tutu bed skirt is both functional and decorative. The beautiful frills or designs make a bed more attractive while concealing under crowded storage space below. However, the fabric tends to move, especially while placing the mattress on top of the spring box, which can destroy the overall effect. Fortunately, there are methods that you can use to keep a bed skirt in place. These methods involve the use of cheap supplies that you may already have at home.


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Remove the mattress from the box spring and tutu bed skirt place it away from the bed frame. You may need someone to help you. Measure the length and width of the box in the spring. Cut two strips of hook-and-loop tape that equals the length of the bed and two strips equal to the width. For example, if the bed is 8 meters by 5 meters, you need two strips eight meters long and two five meters long. Separate one of the heel-and-loop strips. Apply fabric cement to the back of one half of the band and press along a top box in the spring. Repeat the process for one half of the remaining strips. Let the cement dry.

Hang tutu bed skirt set on the spring box and determine where it comes in contact with the strips on the spring box. Pin the remaining bands in the appropriate areas on the back of the bed skirt. Take the dress to the iron strips on the fabric. Place the bed skirt on the box spring and press the matching strips together. Use a bed skirt screwdriver if you prefer a faster solution. Place the bed skirt on the box spring and make sure it is arranged as you wish. Press the tip of a bed skirt stick through the fabric in one corner of the bed and through the corner of the box spring. Repeat this process on the other corners. Place additional at least two pins on each side of the box for more safety. Replace the mattress.

Tips and warnings

You may use stick pins to avoid buying special pins. Tutu bed skirt kit also known as “dust voyager,” is used to conceal the space between the floor and the bottom of a bed frame. But because anyone who has tried to transform a mattress or put new sheets on a bed can confirm that the fact that a bed skirt will move if the mattress moves. This can cause the skirt to slip up, giving the bed a misguided appearance. One way to keep a bed skirt slipping or bunching is to attach the bed skirt fixed box spring bed. One of the easiest ways to attach the bed skirt to the spring box is to use the bed skirt pin.