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Building Wood Burning Grill

A wood burning grill is a fireplace intended for true barbecue cooking. Even often confused with numbers of grilling, grilling is a completely different style of cooking. Smokers developed in American Southeast as a way to cook tough, fat meat. Slow cooking makes red meat and boils the fat, keep it basted and make it healthier. In addition, the slow-cooking process gives a smoky taste to the meat. If you want, you can build your own smoker and start enjoying some traditional American cooking.

Smokers Designs

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There are two basic principles for wood burning grill smoker. One has the meat sitting on a grill in his own chamber while a fire burns in a separate chamber, which is connected to the first of a pipe. The hot smoke travels from the fireplace in the meat chamber but the tube. The other construction consists of only one chamber. The smoke is produced at its bottom, and the grill with the meat on it sits on top. The other construction is easier to build and use, but it can be more difficult to maintain even temperature. The separate chamber in the first design makes it easier to control the temperature. The temperature at the grill should be between 200 and 250 degrees.


You can make your own chamber through welding or riveting sheet together. Alternatively you can buy or reuse metal plates; However, no re-drums containing chemicals like these are not safe for cooking. Consider using a chimney to connect the two chambers together if you come with two chamber designs. In addition, you can use an aluminum paper basket as the meat chamber in two-chamber construction. However, your fireplace can not be made of aluminum as this material melts very easily.

A simple smoker

You can build a quick and cheap smoker from an aluminum trash bin, a hotplate, a grill and a steel box. Cut a small hole near the bottom of the trash. Place the hot plate in the bottom of the jar, run the electric wire through the hole in the can, and place the steel box full of wood chips on top of the hot plate. Put the grill in the jar; the grill should be tightly fitting into the top of the jar. Set the hot plate to a temperature just warm enough to make the wood burning grill the inside of the can. Cover the grill with the jar’s lid to start cooking your meat.


Use different wood chips to add extra flavor to the meat. For example, hickory wood is said to produce a bacon-like flavor while apple wood permeates the meat with a fruit flavor. Even though each hardwood is suitable for smoking meat, never use soft wood. Wet the tile for one to two hours before using them to make them smoke more.