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How To Sew Yellow Coverlet

Beautiful yellow coverlet for bed can be purchased. However, finding an ideal model inside is not always easy. There is an outlet sewing the veil independently. You will need a sewing machine, cloth and a little patience. The result is a single author (which can be the most brilliant and interesting part of his bedroom. Decide what style your veil should meet. Select the color and texture of the fabric. Do not subject the seam to too thin, slippery or bulk of fabrics, especially if you do not possess a great tailor of experience. Keep in mind that materials in the stripe or cage can be an unpleasant surprise in these fabrics you see the slightest curvature of the seam. But the quilted fabric in the form of abstract patterns or small hides small stitching defects.

Specify the dimensions of the future of the veils. Its width is calculated by the formula. The width of the bed plus its height, multiplied by two. Do not forget to add a couple of centimeters. The length of the curtain, calculate the addition of the length of the cylinder head from its height. Therefore the veil will fall on a small of three sides of the bed. But if your bed is worth approaching the wall, it is better to make the bedspread the narrower, otherwise it will be difficult to cover the bed.

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For the interiors in the fashionable area of ​​the ethno-style dense texture of canvas-type fabric, mat band. Sew the veil, and pull up on the sewing machine. The edge can be finished with a braided cord or braid color. Sew the yellow coverlet by hand. Fine yellow coverlet bedroom will beautify the veil with beautiful wide ruffles. Rectangle equal to the length and width of the bed. Do not forget to leave a few centimeters at the seams.

Yellow coverlet shaped bar fabric. Its width must be equal to the height of the bed, and the length of twice the length of its bed. Pull up yellow coverlet and the other long edge prostrochite on a typewriter, setting a maximum stitch width. Baste to the edge of the work piece to cover it. Follow the sewing machine. The ruffle and plaid board decorates silk cord, braid or lace. In winter you will need an elegant and a little blanket, made of fine synthetic leather. Measure the dimensions manually and pull up the edges. What the veil should freely fall into a small on the floor, and additional trimmings are not necessary.