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Super Fashionable Beverly Hills Hotel Wallpaper

Whether or not you are a fan of beverly hills hotel wallpaper, what you will not be able to deny is that it is fashionable. Every home in which it is valued has at least one of its walls adorned with a huge mural of natural / animal aesthetics, a modern vintage paper, the oxymoron, or any other model we can find on the market today. Yes, definitely, the wallpaper has resurfaced from its ashes and is ready to settle in our homes for a long time. But, despite what some may think, the wallpaper is not new, nor is it just the way our grandparents had to decorate their homes. In fact, the wallpaper began to arrive in Europe back in the seventeenth century thanks to trade agreements with the East, where it originated.

It was with the industrial revolution that was popularized among the middle classes thanks to the cheapening of their production costs. Throughout the twentieth century it has had numerous moments of splendor: first with the floral papers of romantic style of the beginning of the century and, later, with the geometric drawings of psychedelic forms so characteristic of the decades 60 and 70. This sweet stage was followed by long years of drought in which the beverly hills hotel wallpaper themes was not in good health. Seen as something outdated and relegated to the old flats that no one wants to rent when it seeks independence, they gradually disappeared from the walls.

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Until, like (almost) everything, he has returned to make it clear that he still has much to say. So, the best thing we can do is start to dive between the huge offers to find the one that fits best with our house. Because, you do not want to be the last of your friends to join this fashion, right? Undoubtedly, the roles with vegetable and animal motifs are being the kings in this of decorating walls. There are all types, from murals that will turn your living room into a jungle, to small patterns with small flowers and even cactus, so fashionable this season.

They look, but they are not. There are also all those papers that mimic industrial air materials like concrete or brick walls seen. Even papers that imitate marble, another of the materials that also has returned with force after years of decorative “marginalization”. Beverly hills hotel wallpaper with 3D effects, textured papers or vinyl papers, suitable for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, complete a wide range with styles, as you can see, for all tastes.