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Elegant Black Upholstered Bed For Modern Style

The black upholstered bed color is bold, elegant, sophisticated; power represents formality and mystery. It is a color that is associated with prestige and sensuality. It highlights the rest of the colors and combined with white or gray, looks spectacular, although we must apply it carefully, because an excess of black, can depress the mood of the room. Black is used in elegant and contemporary rooms, so it is not always synonymous with cold and dingy, opting for the black color to decorate a room, will result in a distinguished space, transforming the atmosphere from simple to modern with a dramatic effect or intense. Do we see them?

When we paint the walls of a room in black, the dramatic effect it creates is unparalleled and achieves an impressive interior design. It is believed that in order to bring this color to the decoration of an environment, it takes a lot of natural light or the spaces are large, but even the smallest can look modern and elegant, if combined with other elements that help generate a contrast that increases the effect of black walls. To give depth and continuity to the black upholstered bed color, dare to paint the doors of your room in the same color.

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To not feel in an enclosed space, do not paint the four black walls, focus on the one that you want to highlight as in this of  Interior Contrast in which we can see that it focuses our attention in the head of the bed playing with textures and finishes that make it dynamic and of course very elegant. If you are still not convinced to paint the walls or ceiling in this color, you can take it through furniture and curtains. This beautiful bedroom , finds a perfect balance between light and dark; the white headboard contrasts with the base of the bed and the bedside tables in black, while the transparent and crystalline hanging lamps help to generate dynamism and brightness in space.

The black curtain helps to coat the large window, achieving a wall effect, while it is closed and the carpet of the room with long hair gives the cozy touch to space. Look also at the detail of the chair, it looks simply sensational. Just as when we want to dress elegant, distinguished and with some mysticism usually we turn to black. Why not dress our bed in the same way? The bedding in this color adds sophistication and depending on the textiles that are of our preference, we can achieve other effects: if they are satin will also look sensual, whether it is cotton or linen, our black upholstered bed ideas will certainly be modern.