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Installing Box Pleat Bed Skirt

Although most people do not want to watch a cold box pleat bed skirt as they enter their bedroom, a bed skirt cannot suit your taste or style. There are several options for hiding a box spring with a bed skirt, and most can be changed to fit almost any style. You can choose from specific bedding designed to hide a box in the spring, or use items that you already have at home.


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Remove your bedding from your mattress and move the mattress to another area of ​​your bedroom or home. Place a box pleat bed skirt frame, in a fabric that coordinates with the rest of your bedding. On the box in the same way as you would put it on a mattress. If you have a king size bed that utilizes two box springs, you can either use two smaller double-mounted sheets, one for each box, or one king size duvet cover to cover both box springs with one sheet. Place a box spring cover on your box spring according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

These are typically similar to the sheets, although it is common for the lid not to be as deep as a sheet would be, because box springs are usually not as thick as mattresses. Many of these products are released over the box pleat bed skirt part as a pillowcase and then closed with a zipper, push buttons or a hook-and-loop bracket. Wrap the box spring in a thin blanket or other piece of cloth. Even if you can use thicker materials, these tend to bend up and it can be difficult to make them look nice. For this option, you can put blanket over the box spring and then stop the edges beneath it, hiding the box spring without a bed skirt.

Invest in a bed with a frame that will conceal the box spring. In many cases you can buy a bed that is designed so the box pleat bed skirt review is hidden from the view of the frame. These beds are not the same as platform beds, which do not utilize a box spring at all; rather, the box spring is placed inside the bed, creating an even surface with the frame for the mattress to sit on. Although this is usually the most expensive option, it can give your bedroom the clean lines you are looking for. Place the mattress back on the box spring and remake the bed.