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Installing Brass Door Knocker

When installing the door latch you should decide the position of your brass door knocker and use a bubble level to check the vertical and horizontal site. Your door knocker must have appendages protruding from the back that must be secured from inside the door. Once you have decided where you want your door knocker then push the knocker on the door so that it will engrave the ear position so you can punch the holes. Now screw the screws into the appendages on the back of the door knocker as you push through the door holes. Tighten the locking nuts and if the screws are too long, an arc saw can be used to cut.

When you are finished you should stick with a stylish door accessory that is sure to make a great entrance into the main door. For this reason, you must think well what it is that you want to achieve. Not only must you take into account the functionality, but also the most appropriate aesthetics for each type of door. Choosing brass door knocker antique, handles or knobs for interior doors is essential if you want to give a refreshing touch to your home, office or holiday apartment. In a simple way, you will change the decoration of your home. Keep in mind that the first thing we see when entering a room is the doors.

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Brass Door Knocker SolidSize: 1600 x 1200

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Brass Door Knocker CustomSize: 1600 x 1200

Brass Door Knocker CopperSize: 1000 x 1000

Brass Door Knocker BestSize: 1000 x 1000

Brass Door Knocker StyleSize: 1000 x 1000

If you are tired of your dark doors, white paint and will instantly light your home, you will double the amount of light at a stroke. Another aspect to take into account is the functionality of the door. In the case of sliding doors, they are widely used lever brass door knocker small or knobs easy to handle. In sliding glass doors for kitchens the metal handlebars look great, however, in built-in cabinets we will choose rosette-shaped handles that simply push the door easily with the fingers. A knocker is a piece of iron or bronze that is placed on the front door of a house to call. Although, today, much is also used as a decorative element.

After calculating the center of the door width, place the template at a suitable height and level. Next, mark the point to pierce both the ring and the support piece. With the drill provided with a metal drill of the diameter indicated by the manufacturer, we make the holes. In case they are too long and do not let the nuts stop, we will have to adapt them. With a metal saw, we cut the screws. We can now place the type brass door knocker on the door and fasten them with their corresponding screws.