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Paint And Remove Paint Brass Fireplace Screen

If you’re an inexperienced do-it-yourself, you can paint a brass fireplace screen. Central is to prepare metal properly. Like other metals, brass is badly suited to paint adhesion. A metal-etching primer helps to promote adhesion and contribute to a durable finish that is free from scratches and peeling. Because the brass is under high heat, it requires a special finish, made with chemicals that allow enduring high temperatures. Brass fireplace screens are usually painted to maintain their shine and prevent plaque. But over time, the paint can crack or wear thin.

When you remove the paint and clean the brass, you can either spray the fireplace screen with a new coat of paint or leave the screen. Consult a professional restaurateur before removing paint or stain from valuable antique pieces. Plaque and the hot patina that develop over time can actually add value to such a piece. Instructions to paint brass fireplace screen, the preparation: Remove the brass screen and place it in a bathtub. Wash brass with a degreaser soap. Scrub the screen with coarse steel wool. Rinse messing under the bathtub rooster. Take the screen outdoors and place it on a dust sheet. Let your brass dry in the sun for about an hour.

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Application: Scattered brass fireplace screen out on the sheet of dust. Coat the display brass with etching spray primer. Excessive application can seal gaps within the screen. Avoid this by spraying into small showers. Do not maintain a uniform and stable spray, and do not hold too close to brass. Maintain 8 inches between brass screens and spray tip. Let the screen dry for two hours. Turn it over and prime the opposite side. Let the final primer jacket dry for three hours. Male brass screen as you prized it. Use high temperature enamel. Leave the screen dry for three hours before returning to the fireplace.

While instructions to remove paint brass fireplace screen: Set brass fireplace screen on one level work surface, such as a table or work bench. Cover the area with a towel or a tarp to protect it. Opens a window or a fan to ensure adequate ventilation. Pour messing stripper into a glass bowl. Brush or rub strips on the fireplace screen according to package directions. Apply strippers to detailed areas with a cotton swab or fine brush. Allow stripper to remain on the brass length of time recommended in packing directions. Wipe the stripper and any remaining lacquer. Polish fireplace display with brass polish.