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Original Wine Racks Wood To Show Your Wines

Is your passion wine? Do you have a few that are special for you and do not know where to keep them? Would you like them to be part of your house, of your decoration but you do not know how to expose them and that they are in sight? In this post, we teach you original wine racks wood to show your wines that you can adapt to the style of your house and your life.

The first ideas are placing them on the wall. This is the simplest way to expose them, as you can see in this photo, with some screwed wall sconces, taking care to keep the right distance so that the bottles do not squeeze and painting them in original colors, we can get an original bottle where the content itself gives color to the whole. The more variety of reds, ros├ęs, whites, semi-sweet and sweet we put exposed, the more striking it will be. Integrating the wine rack into the wall with metallic pieces is a minimalist style of making wine racks do it yourself. As you can see in these photos, with two different designs, they have managed to expose the bottles, getting the appropriate inclination for their conservation.

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The wooden wine rack is another option. In these two cases, they have developed two different styles, one a wooden design with modern lines and the other, more rustic, taking advantage of a piece that belongs to a rural door. Both very decorative. Do you want to give an “eighties” look to your wine rack? Expose your bottles inside some circles of wine storage units on the wall, very original!!!

And the placing of this rack is you can integrate them into a room in the house. The kitchen is an ideal place to have the bottles, normally there are spaces in which we maintain a good temperature for the conservation of the wines. We should have wines that we will use in a short period of time in this type of bottle rack. But, if you want to take advantage of the stairwells is a great idea too, the exposed wines are a decorative accessory that gives a very functional air to the house. Integrate wine racks in different rooms of the house, gives a very sophisticated air, are part of the furniture itself, either embedded in a wall. Or using it as a separator of rooms, making it as transparent as possible to be seen from the two rooms.