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Great Ideas To Building A Barn Door

If we rely on the original building a barn door, the traditional American, we opt for a wooden door with rustic air, even untreated, with vertically placed wooden crossbars and other horizontal crosses that cross them in a blade or diagonal. The rail is usually left in the air and the door slides over it. One of idea to include a barn door in your decoration is to do it to differentiate and separate different environments from your home. For example, they look great between the kitchen and the living room, or between the bedroom and the bathroom, or in a bathroom in the hallway.

Being sliding does not occupy any place and are so decorative that add an extra personality to every corner where you dare to place it. It’s not just any door! Although the barn doors themselves are the slides we are seeing, another very cool option is also to put a door that is divided into two halves to keep the top open, for example, and closed the bottom so that the more little ones of the house do not enter in that certain place. With this you allow the light to pass or you can see what is inside but you can leave the door closed.

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Building A Barn DoorSize: 1080 x 1350

At the time of diy building a barn door you can bet on other types of materials other than wood such as steel combined with glass windows, with a less rustic air and something more indutrial or minimalist. However, the wooden ones seem to me, personally, the most beautiful and special, which most resemble the traditional ones. You can put a single-leaf barn door on the rail or place two doors that are in the center when closing. This can be useful if the space to be covered is very large. In the photo gallery you will see examples of the two possibilities.

It is true that they are a bit “American” and that here, that kind of door is, a little, as “less authentic”. However, whether you like the typical barn doors, or if we adapt the idea more to the typical here ( for example, with corrala doors, cortijos … etc ) we will have a great result.  As I commented, the photo gallery is composed of different images of a wonderful decoration starring building a barn door. You will see natural wood, painted wood of some color that combines with the general decoration of the house, doors with other materials, with rails more or less large, with metallic appliques, for windows, cabinets or rooms … There are a lot of options!