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Styles Of Captains Bed Queen

Captains bed queen are one of the best bed designs that offer just about everything you need for your bedroom whether you are sleep in a large, spacious room or a small, compact situation. This type of bedding furniture has been around since the early nautical days when wooden ship’s designers had to make every inch of a captain’s cabin provide maximum storage for those long hauls across oceans to worlds unknown. As these bedding designs have evolved over the last century, much of the old world charm is still available while providing updates to the storage and comfort requirement of modern day consumers. Also, modern designers have provided contemporary styling by not only recreating the original nautical flavors, but by also designing modern, sleek units that offer a broader appeal through various other styles.

Nautical is still the style of captains bed queen with storage that comes to many people’s minds when thinking about a captain’s bed. With its antique, old world artisan designs, these types of beds are still reproduced for both adults and children to enjoy. For those who like to imagine a long night’s rest similar to what many ship’s captains enjoyed in yesteryear, there is no better bedroom furniture than this style.  Next style of captains bed queen with storage is Contemporary. As mentioned earlier, furniture designers have kept the ever popular storage ideas that were initiated by early nautical furniture influences while accommodating modern culture’s preferences for sleek, compact bedroom storage units.

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Casual style of wood captains bed queen with storage such as cottage furniture are very popular styles that fit in with country living at its best. Some of these beds can be found in beautiful white washed finishes with louvered ornamental designs. Captain’s beds are most popular for their various storage features that can accommodate adult, youth or toddler bedrooms. Drawers are made in various amounts and will define how high a bed sits from the floor. The typical design is either 6 or 12 drawers made to open on both sides of the beds. There are other configurations as well and it’s best to explore your storage needs before making a final choice on what type of captain’s bed works for you. Be sure to compare prices, styles and storage capacity options before deciding which furniture to purchase for either an adult bedroom or child’s sleep space. A wood captains bed queen with storage is sure to meet your requirements for storage as well as style.