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All About Chaise Lounge Patio

Chaise lounge patio is something you may see on a deck or front porch. A chaise lounge has been a part of the history of furniture for a very long time. This is a chair with a back that allows one to go into a semi reclining position. It is long, like a bed, so that the feet can be put up but the back can be set to sit up or to recline as well. Cleopatra was known to lounge on a chaise lounge. In Roman times it was thought that the body digested food better when one was reclining to eat so they used an old version of a chaise lounge.

The words chaise lounge of white chaise lounge patio translates to long chair in French. The French were the first ones to start making them as commercial furnishing for the home in the 18th century. Only the rich could afford these plush pieces of furniture but as time went on they became more affordable and not only kings could have them but so could regular people. In America and England they were popular during the Victorian era and were usually placed in the bedroom. It was thought to be lazy to take a nap in bed during the day, but if you fell asleep reading or relaxing on the chaise you were not so lazy. There are still indoor white Chaise Lounge being made but most are used for the patio or near a pool.

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Chaise Lounge PatioSize: 800 x 800

Most pools are lined with many chaises and if you go on a cruise you will also see them lining the deck of the ship. The materials used to make white chaise lounge patio with canopy are mostly aluminum, plastic or wood and you can get them to match just about any budget. They can look like expensive furnishings that are very strong. They are also made out of light weight materials making them easy to pick up and take with you. A white chaise lounge patio with canopy allows you to recline up off the ground so the portable type is popular to take to the beach so you sit above the sand. White chaise lounge patio with canopy are extremely portable so you can take them to the beach or on the patio or to a summer outdoor concert. The frame is light being made of aluminum and they usually will fold up small and compact for transportation. You sit on woven nylon strips that are sewn to the frame. You can easily clean this type of chaise and they are popular because of their inexpensive prices.