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The Best Design For Chinese Room Divider Width Display

Chinese room divider is not new. The first was used in China as far back as the fourth century BC. Made of heavy wood, old Chinese space divider was not very moving. Low weight, were transparent divisions created by the Japanese and imported into Europe in the 16th century as trade with the east grew. In addition to being practical for creating areas of private space in larger rooms, today’s divisions can become works of art. Hand-painted Chinese divider screens have been used in China since Handynastin, around the time of Christ. This tradition has continued until today. Chinese space divisions are known as “Pungent”.

Traditional Chinese homes are divided into room divider screens that are both functional and decorative. Many are hand-painted with decorative patterns. Some Chinese room divider materials are wood or other framed. While many of today’s standalone Pungent are just folded. In the seventh century CE, most popular pin fight consisted of six or eight panels. Today, most Chinese dividing screens are divided into three or four interlocking sections and can be linked together for length. Chinese art history and hand painted Avde; Under the Handynastin (260 BC to 220 CE), the daizhao were the artists of the emperor. In addition to producing murals, the daizhao painted on rolls of silk and stalls-divider screens.

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The room divider screens were both functional and decorative. The scenes painted by Daizhao were sometimes religious, but often non-religious. Including simple decorations like trees, flowers and landscapes. This tradition continues today, with hand-painted Chinese room divider similar to the art of ancient Chinese dynasties. With hand-painted space dividers, no design exactly the same. Window pane design; an interesting Chinese room divider design element is a window pane look. Each section of the screen is set by box like partitions, up to 21 per frame in each of the three frame panels. In screens that are transparent, this creates an illusion of an outdoor window.

Bamboo Aide; Bamboo divisions are made of tight weave bamboo matches together to form the panels in the space divider. The bamboo divider is hand-painted with patterns of bamboo trees with well-traced leaves and Chinese calligraphy. The painted designs are created on both sides of the panel. Framed and frameless design; while some Chinese space divisions are in a wooden frame, many independent space divisions is frameless. The three or four panels are joined by hinges or simply folded. Framed room divider is more permanent, heavier and harder to transport. The frame design makes the device easy and easy to move.