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Clear Glass Dinner Plates

To serve different meals at different hours of the day, we require crockery. Such crockery can either be of clear glass or of stainless steel. People generally prefer glass plates as they give a very complete and neat appearance to the layout of the dining table. Plates play a vital role when crockery is concerned. Durability and design is an important factor when it comes to glass dinner plates. They should not be too flashy and at the same time has a subtle design on them. These plates come in different sizes and shapes to meet different needs of the people at different times of the day.

Having clear glass dinner plates is something that makes the housewives is really excited and happy every time she uses it. She takes ample care not to break even a single one from the set because losing even single one spoil the entire set, as finding an exact match of the same set is next to impossible. Thus handling of the clear glass dinner plates is the foremost point that one should keep in mind after owning it. The main reason that results in the breakage of the plates is washing them and keeping them in an improper manner. At times we just dump the plates in the sink for washing which is a wrong practice for these delicate plates. We should not also keep them in bulk in the dish washer as the plates might crack with the rest of the utensils. The correct way of handling them is to wash them right after use, with some liquid soap one by one. This will not only ensure proper cleaning. These plates should be blow dried before keeping them back in the cupboard so that water stains do not leave marks on them.

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Even in case of washing them in the sink we should first keep rubber padding on the sink base so that the plates do not break. We should not wash them with metallic objects like spoons as clashes between the two might result in the scratches on the clear glass dinner plates set. Mild soaps have to be used and not detergents as the later damages the surface of the plates. People prefer to buy clear glass dinner plates as they are durable, low in weight and microwave usable. When serving hot food on these plates one should first dip these plates into hot water to avoid cracking. For removal of dry stains we need to place them in water and then clean them with the use of spongy scrubbers.