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White Garden Stool? Yes You Can

Who said white garden stool was just an indoor solution? This type of seat, a favorite of many people for many reasons, can also be adapted to a garden or a terrace without being at odds with plants, flowers and plant decoration. If you are already a fan of kitchen or bar stools, here are some reasons and ideas that will help you to accommodate this furniture solution also to your outer corner. Why can stools be adapted to outdoor? Some reasons. It is true that outdoor environments are associated with long periods of rest, especially if there is a pool for a dip and sunbathing.

But in many cases, they are also spaces for a more fleeting and temporary stay, where comfort is important but also the possibility of getting up or sitting in a simple and fast. And there the stools have difficult competition. On the other hand, there are now numerous stools made of materials resistant to cold, heat, rain or direct ultraviolet radiation. Of course, if they are kept in the shade, covered and under roof when not in use, they will hold up much better for longer.

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White Garden Stool TypeSize: 1050 x 1050

White Garden Stool SeatSize: 1300 x 855

White Garden Stool RoundSize: 1600 x 1600

White Garden Stool PlanSize: 1000 x 667

White Garden Stool PaintSize: 1500 x 1500

White Garden Stool ArmSize: 800 x 800

Pool White Garden StoolSize: 1080 x 1080

It should be mentioned that the white garden stool color are conducive to a bar counter. And the bars, why not, can also be placed on outdoor terraces, especially in large gardens, whether they have their own kitchen or are only about cocktails. In both cases, a stool will help to sit comfortably and practically before her. And in addition, it is necessary to remember that not all the stools are high, of type bar. Although these can be fitted outdoors, low stools at the height of a conventional chair can also be a perfectly valid resource on a terrace or garden. Depending on the decoration, they can give a touch exotic or minimalist very interesting.

Outside stools are, in many cases, wooden. It is a very resistant material, which combines perfectly with garden furniture or terrace and is in tune with the idea of a natural exterior with abundant flowers and plants. The ideal is to apply a coating or a protective paint on these stools that helps to preserve it in the long term. In any DIY store you will find products of this type. Another preferred material for outdoor white garden stool is usually the wicker. Depending on the finish and color, it can be adapted to different environments. In a brown tone and with a rustic finish, it is ideal for rural exteriors.