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24 Awesome Convertible Crib Sets Furniture

The convertible crib sets rooms are a very suitable option to put the baby’s room and that it lasts several years. The convertible cribs give a lot of play, and allow taking advantage of all the elements when it becomes a bed and without it is necessary to change the rest of the room. Today we will see some proposals of decoration of children’s rooms that can last from zero to five or six years. In all of them there is a convertible crib as protagonist. This room is made up of a simple cot with changing table with chest of drawers and shelves under it. It also includes a large drawer and an additional row of small drawers. The whole is completed by a cabinet with two doors with a central shelf column, a low cabinet with wheels and two shelves.

When we transform, we see that, in addition to the bed, we have a small piece of furniture that can not serve as a desk or as furniture for placing toys and other items. The convertible crib sets cradle, with changing table, chest of drawers and large drawer at the base becomes a trundle bed to which are added two long shelves and a desk with drawer. It is a very complete option that includes a table much more useful than the previous one for the use by the child for the accomplishment of school tasks, as well as for other activities, such as painting, puzzles and constructions, etc.

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At the time of buying a crib and the rest of the decoration of the baby’s room we can choose to buy a normal crib or a convertible crib. The convertible crib is an excellent choice for parents who take babies out of the conjugal room before the age of 5 months. Convertible cribs serve as crib and changing table until the child can sleep in bed, with auxiliary drawers that are very useful.

When the child can already leave the crib, the convertible becomes a small bed that usually includes a safety bar, and the drawers on a bedside table or other auxiliary furniture. The advantages of using convertible crib sets is that we can design and plan the bedroom from the beginning, and coordinate the rest of furniture to create a personal and child-friendly environment. There are a lot of models and colors. You can create beautiful decorations by combining with adhesive vinyl and pictures created by you.