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Insert Electric Fireplace With Mantel: Build The Mantel

Having a fireplace in a room not only adds a little elegance, but also makes the room more welcoming and energy efficient. However, the electric fireplace usually comes with only a black box that resembles the combustion chamber of a fireplace. You will not get a cloak or tiled surround. Fireplaces and a self-contained robe can provide a nice gathering point to complete a living or bedroom retreat. Electric fireplace with mantel will adding a beautiful looked at your room. Meanwhile, to build a mantle surround for an electric fireplace insert is easy. Instructions: Remove baseboards where the fireplace will go. Place a sparkle behind the barbell so that you do not damage the plaster back.

Measure the area around the fireplace. Determine how big you want your robe to be. Draw out the plan and design of the mantle for the electric fireplace mantel diy. Goals and land where the tiles will be on the wall. Depending on the tiles you choose to use, you may only want a row of tiles around the bet. Typical designs just call for a row if they are 12 inch tiles. Place tiles on the wall. It is best to use a little bond enhancer to help the tiles stay better on the wall. This will help keep them fixed to the wall anymore. Measure and cut the wood pine 1-by-6 boards to the correct height required for the jacket. These plates are known as pilasters.

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Cut your support boards for these three boards. Depending on the design you come with, the support boards should be about 2 to 3 inches high. This will give pilastry depth. Attach the guides to the pillars, with a trellis and a pneumatic nail gun. You should have created a “U” shape with the boards. This will raise pilasting away from the wall. Apply construction glue to the edges of the plates before placing them on the wall. When put in place use the nail gun to attach them to the wall. Measure and cut the top mantle piece on a 1-by-10 inch piece of pine wood load. Mend the corners of decorative molding and attach it to the edges of one-of-10.

Apply construction glue on top of the electric fireplace mantel kits boards that are attached to the wall. Turn 1-by-10 over and place it on top of the arrows. Nail it down with a nail gun. Party Floor blocks on top and bottom of pillars with four nails. Attach molding to the front of both pillars, with a brad nail gun. Create a decorative square out of molding. Fill any nail holes with interior grade Spackle compound. Let it dry. Sand over Spackle with a piece of sandpaper. Paint or brush the wood to match the interior of the room.