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Moving Color Tiles With Heat Sensitive Tiles

Heat Sensitive Tiles – More and more there are original finishes that employ a unique technology to make the home unique, as is the case of moving color tiles that change their color depending on the temperature. The company designed a line of different styles of mosaics and glass that are sensitive to heat and according to temperature take a different color. These unique home accessories are:

The northern nights. It is a line of black glass tiles that when the temperature changes offer a visual show of color changes in movement. They are heat sensitive tiles crystals inspired by the psychedelic, they are a unique design because they have a volatile nature which makes them suitable for truly unique homes. With them it is possible to make the most abstract decorations and innovative design concepts. They come in standard size or can be customized on request.

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There are the most unique heat sensitive tiles. They are water color tiles of single color in movement, so well realized that they resemble to the luminous quality of color of the water. These change color to colorless when exposed to heat, but recover their natural hue when cooled. They come in 4 x 4 glass tiles and are available in 8 colors.

The liquid tiles. These are inspired by the beauty of the water, they offer a very organic and peaceful feeling. They come in ten base colors and have a wide range of color changing ability, are made in 4 × 4 sizes but can be ordered in another size as well as the characteristics of “water” and architectural glass. Moving color tiles can be used on walls, ceilings or furniture; it’s just a matter of getting excited and putting the imagination into play to create different, original but harmonious and striking environments.

In the bathroom heat sensitive tiles, a splash guard protects your walls from water damage that can result from spraying the sink and shower. Glass tiles come in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes and finishes and can be used to compliment almost any type of decor and layout scheme. For an unexpected back wall bathroom, choose tiles sensitive to heat. The tiles are designed to change color according to the temperature, so they will look different when touched or with the heat of the sink, shower or a heat lamp. Because the tiles react based on directional heat, your back wall will have different designs each time. Sensitive heat tiles are particularly nice if you have kids as they can touch the tiles so that the fingerprints or other designs.