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Velvet Curtain Panels: Details From The Royal Style

Velvet curtain panels are the winning detail in every room in the house. They will be perfect in a bedroom with regalia gifts, with a soft four-poster bed and a sophisticated twist to write poetic letters of love. Even a living classic is the ideal frame for accommodating velvet curtains in the brown palette, to recreate a corner from the simple elegance of other times. The more idea? Enrich the attic with the sought-after velvet curtain panels. Which will give birth to a small oasis of peace away from the routine every day? Completed with a soft sofa made from captioned work and with a few simple appliqu├ęs.

These to create the right soft lighting. So, in a moment you have created a perfect corner for relaxation. Velvet curtain panels also for elegance of other times. Nowadays there are a lot of products on sale to enrich your home with luxurious details. This is precisely the case for velvet curtains, practical and elegant accessories. Velvet is a particular type of fabric that takes its name from the Latin word vellus that is hair. It is in fact the very soft feel to the touch that characterizes this particular fabric from ancient history. Its origin dates back to the 13th century.

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But it is only in the following century that velvet becomes the most loved and required fabric in the most exclusive Tuscan courts. Even today velvet is able to recall in the mind a sought after glow of other times and a sophistication from craftsmanship. Soft, seductive, shiny shades characterize the finest velvet curtain panels. Which can change the look at every corner of the house, where they will create a sought-after accessory from gift ideas? Even, velvet curtain panels are a rainbow of colors. Velvet curtain panels are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at.

But they also give the look a familiar warm feeling that can perfectly wrap each guest in a soft hug. To match light linen or cotton fabrics, strictly white, velvet curtains will be ideal for creating the darkness needed in the bedroom or while watching a movie in the living room. Play with the most loved colors of this spring. Such as the Lucite Green or the Strawberry Ice. And experience a nuance new to give life to your life by vintage reviews. Or get yourself to the classic beauty of dark blue velvet curtain panels or purple regal: let yourself be inspired.