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French Country Quilts And Curtains

The elegant simplicity of country quilts and curtains add subtle tones of solid colors to a home. Whether you like the look of southern France or just want to add European flare or Mediterranean design to a room, a simple pair of French country curtains at the windows can perform the task. Making French country curtains only require sewing a straight stitch, so even a beginner can make curtains with a sewing machine or by hand.


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Fit a decorative curtain rod either along the top edge of your window casing or set 4 to 6 inches below the top edge of the wall. To achieve the French country quilts and curtains style, use a bare rod that does not have decorative gables, so-called end buds, in a color that contrasts your wall color. Measure the length of your window from curtain rod downwards to find the desired length of your curtains. Many styles of French land curtain let all the way to the floor, but if this length is unrealistic in your home, then measure to a point just below the window cover.

Measure the width of your window along the outside of the housing. Multiply half this measurement times one and. Let this measurement be for a single country quilts and curtains in the window. Divide this amount with two if you plan to make and hang two curtains along the window. Add 4 inches to the length you measured from Step 2 and the width measurement from Step 3. Purchase and cut the fabric to this size for each curtain you want to do. A light, solid color as beige, white, mint green or light blue typically for this style, so choose a fabric that matches your decor and leans towards the French country theme.

Fold in the edges of the country quilts and curtains panel against the back on all four sides of an inch and pin. Fold in the edges by 1 inch a second time to complete the hem. Pin the second fold into place. Sew a straight line of sewing ¾ inch away from the outer edge of the curtain on all four sides; remove the pins as you go. Divide the length of your curtain rod into inches by eight; add one to this number if it is an odd number. Use this amount of clamps to hang your curtains. Release the rings on the curtain rod. Clip the top edge of your curtain panels to the clips at regular intervals using an equal number of clamp rings for each curtain.

Tips and warnings

Choose a heavier, home decor style fabric to create a richer, more elegant look, or buy toile fabric in any color for a casual yet exclusive look. Create an artistic effect using white or cream-colored cheesecloth as a fabric choice, and prepare it to hang to the ground. Tie the fabric into a knot on the thigh-height, and allow the excess to hang under it.