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Tips To Keep Your Cracker Barrel Quilts Clean

Cracker Barrel Quilts – You look at it and you know it’s time to wash it, how to do it? In those moments you wonder why I bought a bedspread so big. So that cleaning your quilt is no longer a problem, check these tips and put them into practice right now.

The first is quilts to rotate as for starters, the best advice is to have two quilts, one for the hot months and one for the winter. Let’s face it, in midsummer your fluffy feather bedspread may be too warm, right? Then it is best to have a fine one for the summer and one thick for the winter. Remember to store well that you do not use, clean, dry and covered so that the dust does not get dirty.

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The next is about the padding. Generally cracker barrel quilts material is usually feather or synthetic, and from time to time you need to sponge it and distribute it well so that it does not cram. Also usually happens that over the years the quilt loses padding, so you can make the decision to add a little more or leave it that way “skinny.”

The first thing when wash the quilt you should do is check the label to see how it is washed and what type of detergent you should use. If you are going to wash it at home, test if it comes in comfortably in the washing machine, some are so big that they get tight. If so, do not wash it, you better take it to a laundry to do the work for you, otherwise you will ruin it. There they leave you cracker barrel quilts clean and with rich perfume for little money.

To keep it fresh, keep clean and tidy, in addition to washing it, you can use a fabric spray, which gives it a subtle aroma. There are even some unscented ones that catch the allergens, great for the health of the whole family. Be sure to shake it every time you make the bed, and put something to protect it if the pets come up to sleep with you. Yes now! There is no excuse for not having your quilts fresh and clean all year round. Do you have more tips? Or you need more tips from us? You can tell us what you need and we will provide more cracker barrel quilts cleaning tips to you!