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How To Make Crib Bed Skirt

Crib bed skirt is also called a fitted skirt. The dress is made to fit the box spring and hangs straight around the sides and front of the bed. This means that you can only use this type of skirt when the bed does not have a foot aboard and when the support for the spring box is a few inches from the corner of the box spring. Making the dress is straightforward.


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Remove mattresses and set aside. Place a large flat leaf centered on the crib bed skirt design. The top edge of the sheet should be adapted to the upper corner of the mattress. The sheet should fall on both sides and the foot of the bed. Trace the contours of the top of the box spring on the sheet using the tailor’s chalk. Measure from the upper right corner of the box spring along the side, above the bottom and along the left side to the top left corner. Add 5-inches to this measurement. Measure the height you want from the upper edge of the box spring to the floor. Typically the dress will not touch the floor. Add two inches to your length.

Prewash and iron your crib bed skirt fabric to remove sizing. Sizing is a surface sprayed on fabric on the mill. By washing the fabric you shrink it to its working size. Cut the fabric to suit your measurements. If the fabric length needs to be cut into sections, add 1 inch per cut for the seam allowance. Place fabric short sides together and sew half-inch seams for all sections that you connect. Turn the card ends less than 1/2 inch and sew a seam. Repeat for the other end. Turn the lower edge of the fabric under 1/2-inch and iron. Turn the fold under 1 inch and iron. Sew the fold to the back of the fabric using a blind stitch.

Place crib bed skirt set on top of the blade in bed spring. Place the dress face down with the hem towards the middle of the bed. Pull the top of the dress half-inches beyond the headboard edge of the box spring. Straighten the rough edge of the fabric skirt with chalk line and pin. Needles were 3 to 4-inches after chalk line around side, front and side. You should end a 1 1/2 inch over hanging on the bedside table. Wrap every 1 1/2 inch above hanging around the back corner of the box spring and staple to the sheet.