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It’s Very Handy Cubby Hole Storage

Cubby hole storage are ideal for holding shoes, gloves, keys, phone books or all items that come in and out of house every day. Cubbies do not always fit into your home decor, however. Decorate hallway around cubby and choose accessory cubby itself so that hallway functions as an organizational hub and has visual appeal. Use your decorating style and colors of your home as your guide. Use different colored cubbies or baskets for each member of family to make it easier for little ones to keep track of their belongings or to prevent discussions about which cubby belongs to any family member. If more colors do not work with your decor, use one or two colors for cubby bings, such as cream and chocolate brown.

Purchase accessories top of cubby storage with colorful items, such as a blue and white striped pillow on a bench of cubbies beneath a nautical theme at home or lime green vases on top of an espresso shelf with cubbies in a contemporary style home. Choose a corridor cubby system that works with your organizational needs, space available and decorative style. There are many options, from shelves with square cubbies to benches with cubby hole storage under bench. Bets on cubby shelves hanging on walls if you want to save as your little ones cannot reach. Decorate actual cubbies or bin containers, either plastic, canvas, wood or cardboard. Use decorative sticks on front of cubbies, such as heart, star or butterfly shapes to customize cubby bings.

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Cubby Hole Storage WickerSize: 1280 x 1707

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Cubby Hole Storage BenchSize: 1500 x 1500

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Write owner’s initials or names with gel or glitter pens or drop a picture of person in a plastic sleeve attached to cubby. Lie a blanket or run in front of cubbies to comfort your feet and add color and interest to hallway. Plain runners with a simple frame, such as a white line around edges, add hallway while thread with traditional or simple decor. Alternatively, a light and colorful rug with geometric shapes can brighten up a dark corridor. Keep everything related by choosing a runner that has some of same colors as furniture, cubbies or artwork.

Male hallway a bright color that fits in with your decorating style if it’s closed for rest of your home. For example, light beige is a neutral color that fits in with almost every interior, but gives that time more character than leaving plain white. Light blue, pale pink, buttery yellow or sage green there are other options. Use white trim, bead table or chest for more interest and design. Decorating wall will make cubby hole storage ideas stand out more, become part of decor. Hang up pictures, illustrations, mirrors or lamps on walls.