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How To Make Lavender Coverlet

Lavender coverlet – In times of economies such as those we live in these moments we must sharpen our wits in order not to give up the beautiful things of life. That is why today we bring you a simple tutorial to make a nice quilt cover. This useful and practical bedding is usually priced a little high but it is very easy to make a quilt cover at home, as long as we have a sewing machine and do not scare the size of the piece. So let’s get down to business and jump into the adventure. We will choose the fabric that we like best and for this we can be based on two criteria, economy or quality. Or a fair balance between both qualities. If we are going to make a duvet cover for a crib we will choose a cloth that we can then use for other purposes, so when we no longer use it we can do other things with it.

The fabric lavender coverlet will choose the one that most suits our taste and the decoration of the bedroom and obviously the final recipient. The size is easy to calculate, we measure the quilt and add 3 cm more width for the seams of 1.5 cm on each side. In the length we will add 3 cm for the seam and 15 cm for the area where we will place the automatic seals. So we will get the measurements to know the fabric we need for both the top and bottom of the sheath.

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Once the fabric has been washed and ironed, we will cut it according to the measures we have calculated. We will begin with the part of the closures, we fold 1.5 cm of fabric in and we iron, we sew the fold and we return to double 9 cm cloth, iron and sew again. At about 5-6 cm from the edge we will draw a line on which we will place the automatic closures. With a separation of about 10 cm we will mark the points where we will place the automatic closures.

Wonderful lavender coverlet, depending on the type of automatic closures we have bought, we will place them one way or another. The type of photography is usually sold in a kit that includes the tool for placement. They consist of two parts, some will go on one side of the quilt and the others on the other. We must be precise with the measures of its installation so that they match well faced. We will only have to prepare and sew the seams to form the sheath, turn it around and iron. We will now have our quilt cover ready for use.