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Pantry Storage Containers Ideas

Pantry storage containers traditionally located between the kitchen and the dining room, which was once the exclusive domain of cleaning staff. Servants use space as a safe place to store items like expensive porcelain, serving pieces and precious silver. Today, a pantry filled with a variety of needs, including storing the secondary kitchen, staging the food or preparing the food. Decorating ideas for a modern pantry run the fashion range for purely practical. Add a glass chandelier to a pantry with a high ceiling. This small touch of elegance makes a great statement in a tiny space. Is not it blessed with high ceilings? Opt for a crystal cut, ceiling mounted lamp to deliver an equal amount of spark. Increase the “surprise” factor by adding dramatic color to the ceiling. Metallic copper, deep blue or brown enhance the lighting effect. Use crisp, whitish molding to frame this masterpiece ceiling.

Pantry storage containers equipped with a bar makes a great drinks station for entertainment. top cabinets fitted to glassware, wine stems and this type of drinks. If space permits and plumbing, an ice machine transforms a pantry into a self-sufficient beverage station for family and parties, releasing the kitchen for food preparation. Install a temperature controlled chiller, built-in rack and table-tasting function to transform a normal butler’s pantry into a wine tasting room.

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If the display case is full of family treasures, you can show it fine tableware behind the glass front cabinets in the pantry. Top cabinets provided with leaded or seeded glass provide the perfect showcase for superb settings, however, tables are rarely used. Install the lighting in the cabinet to emit a warm glow in the space and in the most precious possessions. open shelf offers a budget alternative to use for front glass cabinets. the contents of the platform in foreground halogen track lighting mounted on the roof.

Convert a portion of ideas pantry storage containers into a reference center for the gourmet resident. Include shelves to house a collection of cookbooks, a built-in desktop for writing and research online, plus a notepad to annotate the menus of the week. A desk chair, telephone and comfortable lighting task complete this quiet, perfect place to carry out business planning and daily meal. When choosing the floor of a small space, the use of high level materials will not take a big bite out of the budget. Create huge impact in a pantry by selecting dark wood, formal marble or fallen stone for the floor. As if it were little with a lush, oriental corridor wool or a natural fiber rug, depending on the overall decor.