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Good Places For Mid Century Armchair

We can be ever so rigid in our thinking at times. Mid century armchair and sofas go in the living room, don’t they? That’s where they’ve always gone. That’s where we relax in front of the TV, open Christmas presents, and have lazy evening takeaways when we can’t muster the energy to set up the dining room. It’s where we entertain and relax. Why restrict ourselves, though? There are a number of rooms that mid century armchairs would easily fit into, and in fact, there are a number of use cases that are crying out for mid century armchairs above all else. With handcrafted furniture companies (see below for an example), you have ample options to tailor an mid century armchair to those specific environments. No need to worry about your mid century armchair looking like it’s been pulled straight out of the living room and is being held somewhere else temporarily.

A vacant space under a set of stairs can easily be transformed into a reading area with the addition of a best mid century armchair, and little else. It’s a simple, cost-effective change – no shelving, carpeting and so on necessary. You just need to fit in with the color scheme of your hall. There is a danger that this chair might end up being used as an incredibly luxurious shoe fitting point, however. If you don’t think anyone in your family is likely to actually read under the stairs, the mid century armchair may end up being more decorative than functional – which might not be a problem for you, depending on your circumstances. While many of us watched MTV Cribs bursting with jealousy and loathing, some of us might have seen the cinema rooms in a number of celebrity mansions as inspiration for a smaller-scale cinema room project of their own. While the rich and famous might have the space for a thirty-seating cinema in their basement, the rest of us don’t. So the rows of plush cinema seating that the stars have aren’t really of any use to us. A handful of mid century armchairs would neatly achieve the same objective, though.

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Old Mid Century ArmchairSize: 1000 x 1300

New Mid Century ArmchairSize: 1000 x 1300

Stylish mid century armchair in the bedroom helps with a very 21st century issue – the quandary of laptop, tablet or phone use in bed while your partner is trying to sleep. Be it an email you just need to send that night, or some last minute present buying or travel arrangements, our lives are increasingly ruled by devices, and at the same time, we’re increasingly expected to be accessible and available all hours of the day. As a result, we’re sometimes forced to poke at devices in the dark, all while finding brightness settings that strike the delicate balance between readability and how much it disturbs our sleeping partners. We could always move off the bed, but what’s more comfortable than a bed in a bedroom? A mid century armchair could be a close second. It’s a wonder more people don’t have comfortable seating in their bedrooms for this very scenario.