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Gorgeous Deck Planters In Small Space

The deck planters are beautiful, but you tend to think that they take up a lot of space; however, today we come to say that this is a myth. The planters can be arranged in a thousand ways in small patios. Yes! Today we bring you a variety of ideas to start that new project that you have wanted so much. The alternatives are endless, you can combine beautiful colors on the walls to give contrast with the beautiful flowers, add decorative stones, plants of different shades in green and size of leaves so diverse that you will always have to choose the perfect combination.

The golden question: will it be possible to include a planter in small courtyards? Judge for yourself and let us know what you think! Enjoy these beautiful ideas and get to work! No matter the space, in this case the smallest example is shown. But that is not a problem! It is best to choose one side of the wall and build an elongated planter on the side. Give it a single theme, like a single color and hopefully it will be solid as a gray or black tile. By having the planter, fill the surface with white rocks to give contrast and plant small trees with small leaves.

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In this beautiful case we can combine a corner with a white wall and the other yellow mustard to contrast the colors and shades of the plants. On the ground, adorned with white rocks, it places large black pots with palms and bougainvillea. In one of the walls, install a structure composed of limestone, in segmented form and plant by groups, different types of plants to form a harmonious patio.

Even if the space is small, you can open space on the floor for two structures on either side, as if it were a reflection of one another. The structures can be geometric figures and bordered by medium stones for a beautiful division. Install lights and very small plants in the planter. Uses a wall in L and paint one of them light green kelly and in that corner you have space in L to plant cow’s tongue in abundance next to plants of yucca or palms. On the consecutive wall, you install a grouping and covering of dark stones and once the structure is solid, add 3 large hanging pots and place an inn with the best plants to season, such as oregano, basil, rosemary and mint. The scents of your gardener will be great!