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Choose Ideal Decorative Door Knobs

Decorative door knobs and handles are the two functional and decorative parts of the door. You can not devote much attention to the relative details of the door knobs until you need to replace one. We are professional and we are going to give you the steps. One of the first steps in the process of installing a doorknob is to make some basic measurements that will help you select the right sized button. This task can be simple but it is very important in terms of choosing and installing the right knob for your door.

If you do not measure well and you want to install it yourself you are likely to have problems so we give you all the steps so you know how to do the relevant measurement in from all points and angles. The first step needed to determine the size of decorative door knobs is the diameter of the hole in which the knob will adjust. The diameter is the straight distance through the hole from one side to the other. Place a measuring tape on one side of the hole and measure directly through the center to find the diameter in inches.

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The next step in the process is to determine the set back again. To find the center of the hole, divide your diameter measurement by two. Then hold the end of the tape measure on the edge of the door and measure it in a straight line until you reach the center point of the hole. This distance is the measure of a setback. The third part of the measurement process is to determine the size of the latching piston. The locking piston is the part of the door knob that extends outwardly from the side of the door.

If the knob is going to be on the right side you should know that it will be necessary to measure the diameter of the opening in the door knob of your door. The diameter is the distance from a straight line extending from one end of the aperture at the opposite end. It also measures the width of the door. The width of the door is the distance between the inner side of the door and the outer side of the door. Using the steps in Steps 1 and 2 to purchase decorative door knobs that covers the entire diameter of the opening and will reach through the entire width of the door.