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What Is A Decorative Vent Covers

What are decorative vent covers and what do they serve. Since the problem of overheating of the roof and the subsequent overheating of the plant under it is due to the absorption of the solar radiation, if it is not possible to avoid with the color or with the use of reflective materials it is possible to resort to the ventilation, so that the heat absorbed by the outer layer is removed by ventilation and creates a shaded inner cover. If the cover is sufficiently ventilated, the heat generated in the interior, when absorbing the covering element (tile, slate, etc.) solar radiation, is diluted with the outside air reaching in the chamber a temperature similar to the outside environment.

For this to be possible sufficient air flow rates and, therefore, large ventilation holes are required. In order not to lose the insulating effect of the decorative vent covers home, which has become a straw hat that prevents solar radiation from directly over the enclosing elements and allows the air to pass between them, it is necessary to incorporate sufficient insulation between the chamber roof air and roof top floor. Adequate roof ventilation, incomprehensibly, is often neglected in homes, although it is an important factor that strongly determines their useful life and efficiency.

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Taking this into account, at the construction stage, entails little significant costs and can prevent substantially more expensive repairs in the future. As already mentioned, ceramic tiles are porous, therefore susceptible to absorb and release water (the tiles are said to “breathe” ), which makes them ideal for regulating humidity inside the building . The simplest ventilation can be established in skirts tilted with skirts on slats that leave a chamber of variable thickness not habitable. More difficult is the ventilation of the flat roofs or the inclined covers of a leaf.

There are many examples of popular architecture in which the roof is permeable and allows the air to pass through. This type of roof has been used in cold climates, where it is the smoke from the kitchen or the home that comes through the roof, as in very hot and humid climates, where it is necessary to ensure the copious ventilation that, at times, can not provide fa├žade holes, small to avoid the entrance of solar radiation. When the interior decorative vent covers is vegetal, even when they are stone slabs, the smoke that crosses it cleanses the insects and small rodents.