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More Ideas About Distressed Wood Dining Table

Distressed wood dining table – Take advantage of the dining room, whether you integrate it in the living room or if you place it in an independent room. Choose the right furniture, as well as a good distribution, are fundamental issues for the dining room to be a more welcoming, comfortable and practical. The basic element of this space is undoubtedly the table, which will define and bring the personality to the dining room . Therefore it is important that the choice be careful, because, for example, its size will be determined by the space you have, which you must count before your purchase. In order to place the dining rooms

In general – for an empty table for 6 seats, you will need a free space of 250 cm x 300 cm and for each person, about 60 cm wide and about 60 cm posterior for the movement to get up in total comfort.  There are many models of distressed wood dining table and chair, with upholstered seat , curved wood … to choose for the dining room. The important thing is that the chairs are comfortable and easy to move, more comfortable with arms, but if you do not have enough space, you have to do without them and place chairs without armrests. Matching with the upholstery of the living area, but not the same. Within each collection presents a set of designs that are combinable with each other and that facilitate the decision.

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The whole environment will be coordinated, the upholstery of the chairs, the sofas, the cushions, the curtains and the curtains. It will already depend on your tastes and those for which you decide the final result, but if you move within the same Collection of Textile, you will always hit. We have numerous types of tables attending to the forms, finishes and materials. C square – section, rectangular, round, fixed and extensible

The extendable distressed wood dining table is the most practical to suit the number of diners and not fills the space of a large model only you get to use on certain occasions resource. If you choose a round or oval table is more advantageous for not having corners, but need more space to locate them. And as in the previous case, it has 60 cm of the seats, plus about 45/50 cm between adjoining seats. Also round in all styles, from classic to modern, if they are extensible, provide the ease of a few dimensions for more convenience in daily use.