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Big Advantage Of Ottoman Coffee Tables

Hello guys! Today in our space we will talk about ottoman coffee tables. When decorating living room, one of most used ways to “close” living area is to use a double puffer or double ottoman at one end or to complete decor as a coffee table. On other hand, using a repeated element is one of most classic resources in interior design. We have already seen in moment how symmetry is one of most characteristic principles of interior decoration, used especially in classic style. pair of objects (either two lamps on a sideboard, two armchairs perfectly placed next to fireplace or two pictures hanging on wall), usually convey a sense of order, cleanliness and sobriety to set where they are placed.

Although a double ottoman can be placed in any area (under sideboard of entrance, at foot of bed or in a waiting room, this article will focus on its use in living room). usual thing in most common of halls is to have a TV cabinet in one of walls, a three-seater sofa directly opposite and either a two-seater sofa or a chaise longue or two armchairs at right angles to sofa , to allow a comfortable conversation between several. Well, remaining space can be “stuffed” with double ottoman coffee tables to visually frame that area.

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If we also add a large carpet that catches all seats (sofas, armchairs and poufs ) effect will be perfect. At other times, when TV is not most important element but priority is given to conversation, we can find two sofas of identical size facing each other, with a coffee table in middle and perhaps a fireplace column to one of sides. In these cases, we can also close open side with two puf and we will never make a mistake. Either way, this way of closing space is very interesting because without having pufs back or arm, they leave free view to capture all space, besides not obstructing light that can come from windows or windows.

As for type of ottoman coffee tables more suitable, legs in crosshead are especially good in any style. captioned upholstery or velvet topped with studs will bring glamour. If you want a more rustic look, sackcloth or wicker and rattan base will be perfect and if your style is Arabic, a pair of Moroccan pufs will delight your living room. Finally, short, wide and perfectly rectangular will be ideal if your living room is minimalist or contemporary.