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Best Choice Down Comforter For Crib

Down duvets have always been the best option for our baby is as comfortable as possible, and to understand this first of all we must ask ourselves the following question. Babies are very sensitive to thermal changes and need to maintain a constant temperature, so there are several aspects to consider so your baby can enjoy a good rest. There are a lot of Nordic comforters on the market, but mainly they can be divided into down comforter for crib with synthetic fill (polyester fiber, silicone fiber, down fiber, etc.) or duvets with down or feather fill. You can find Nordic down duvets for a baby of many qualities. The most important thing is to select a quality duvet guaranteed.

A quality down comforter for crib will always have superior characteristics to the synthetic ones. A down duvet or any other material does not create any allergy. There are people who are allergic to certain materials, among which could be wool, manufacturing dyes, the down of a particular bird, etc. Nowadays the downs used by the EU manufacturers are treated in the factory and sterilized in such a way that they do not provoke any kind of allergy. To be safer it is important to see the manufacturer’s quality certificates. The down comes from a resistant cotton cover, generally hypoallergenic and with a special sewing and even thermo-sealed, which makes the down does not come out, so the down is not in contact with our body at any time.

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The cover of a quality Nordic down comforter for crib baby prevents the exit of the downfall as the fabric is specially constructed to prevent any of the filler from escaping. Usually, they use a special interweaving and a heat seal that totally prevents the exit of the down or the feathers. If the room temperature drops at night or there is an increase in humidity, the synthetic duvet loses much of the stored heat or absorbs moisture, however, the down duvet maintains a constant body temperature. The heat provided by the down duvet is a more comfortable heat than a synthetic one, due to the above explained.

A down comforter for crib linen is more comfortable for the baby since it weighs less than a blanket or even a synthetic crib duvet. Obviously, in summer it is not necessary or advisable to use any Nordic cot duvet, either synthetic or down. As I have explained before it is recommended not to over-cover babies (with lots of bedding) and maintain a suitable temperature in the room. This applies to the use of blankets, bedspreads, duvets, etc.