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How To Choose Duvet Cover Cotton

When choosing duvet cover cotton, you have to take into account the size of the mattress to cover. Therefore, it is recommended that the comforter is between 90/100 cm. wider than the size of the mattress. So, if we rest in a bed of 150, we will need our duvet to have a width of 240 cm on the other hand, in a mattress of 90 cm, and we would need a quilt of 150 cm. Keep in mind that if a person usually moves a lot during sleep may need a larger duvet, to avoid uncovering. However, if there is any doubt, when it comes to acquiring both a filling and a duvet cover, the most appropriate consult the seller, who is the best know the product and who can advise you about the size of the duvet to choose.

The way in which draws up the duvet cover cotton ideas indicates the quality of the piece. The most appropriate manufacturing is the one that marks the system called Kassetten. This sewing system consists of a grid arrangement of the stitches that will hold the inner filler. Regarding the choice of filling, in the market, we will find two general categories: the filling of artificial fiber and the filling of feathers or down. The difference between the feather and the down is that the first includes the down and the reed (understood the cartilage of the feather itself), on the other hand, the down does not include the reed.

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As for the outer fabric of the filling, it is always recommended that it be made of duvet cover cotton popular since it is a breathable fabric that will prevent the filler from losing its heat properties. Whatever you choose, either feathers or synthetic fiber, you should always take into account the grammage and environment for which we are going to destine the duvet as well as the user’s needs. Depending on the temperature of the room where we are going to use the garment or the warmth we like to be, we will choose a grammage or another.

The entire assembly, the filler, is introduced into a duvet cover cotton modern can be constructed of different materials such as cotton or polyester, of different colors and designs. This case is offered by the aesthetic appearance of the bedroom, adapting to all needs: child’s bedroom, young, romantic, classical, ethnic, and modern. The advantage of the duvet cover is that we can change every time you want, keeping Nordic filling the same, this gives great versatility to quilt because with change, only the duvet cover, our bedroom changes appearance.