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Duvet Cover Queen Ideas

If you have a duvet cover queen but want to use it on a queen-size quilt, you may want to change the blanket to fit the arena, instead of using it as it is. Changing the deck is as easy as sewing around the edges on three sides to leave it just slightly wider and longer than your console. You do not want to adjust the tire to be the same size as Arena, because then it will be a very tight fit.


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Measure the width and length of queen-size quilt. Most queen cuts measure 86 inches by 94 inches, but there may be some variation depending on the help style or fill. Measure across the width of duvet cover queen design. Subtract the width of the arena from the width of the rug. Divide the measurement into the center, then subtract 1 inch from this measurement to find out how much you have to trim from each page. For example, if the king size quilt is 104 inches wide and the arena is 86 inches wide, subtract 86 from 104 to get 18. Divide 18 in the middle to get 9 inches, and then subtract 1 to get 8 inches.

Turn the blanket outwards. Measure in the designated number of inches from each side of the blanket at the top and bottom and make a mark with a fabric marker. If your quilt has a zipper closer, pull the zipper closed halfway so you will not cut off the zipper when you change the rug. Sew a straight row of stitches on each side of the blanket, from the mark on the top edge to the mark on the bottom edge. Measure the length of duvet cover queen set, then subtract the length of queen size quilt, divide by two, then subtract 1 to find out how much you need to trim off the length. For example, if your king size quilt measures 98 inches and your lover measures 94, you will stop trimming 1 inch.

Measure the amount you need to trim from the length and make a mark on each side, close to the top of the rug. You do not want to trim from the bottom, because that’s where the opening and closures are. Sew a straight line of duvet cover queen part over the blanket from the mark to mark. Push the screws inside the cover to make sure it fits. Trim the sides and the upper edge duvet to 2/1 inch from the seams. Finish the raw edges inside the blanket with a zigzag stitch. Turn the blanket straight out, push the door and throw it on your bed.

Tips and warnings

In some cases, a queen size quilt is the same length as a queen size, so you may not need to change the length.