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Traditional Bedroom Concept With Embroidered Quilts

Embroidered Quilts – The traditional conception of the bedroom as a space reserved for nocturnal rest has evolved and a good proof of this is another of the decoration trends for bedrooms of 2017. The bed shares protagonism with other elements that offer a real alternative to the rest in daytime and with the tranquility of enjoying the intimacy of the bedroom. Why not think of chairs or armchairs to read your favorite titles?

They give spaces a singularity that, without them, would not be possible. It is, therefore, the introduction of elements that make the difference betting on a sophistication that breaks with the monotony. The lamps that guard the bed of this bedroom are those pieces without which the design of the whole could fall into boredom and yet its presence transforms the room into a modern but romantic space.

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In the midst of a whirlwind of “Do it yourself”, the presence of handmade accessories in the form of textiles is another trend that will hit the bedrooms next year. As if from the trousseau prepared by the grandmothers of yesteryear, embroidered quilts ideas, sheets and cushions with embroidery or details of the fine work done by an expert hand are the keys.

The search for contrasts in the different rooms of the house is a constant of the design and, in 2017, this counterpoint will allow the bedroom to use quilts and quilts in powerful tones. The idea is simple, you just have to create a neutral environment in which the bed comforter is the one that breaks the serenity, marking a contrast as attractive as the one that results in this room.

Fashions come and go and decorating trends for bedrooms this 2017 recover the idea of embroidered quilts motifs. Purpose? No doubt add a touch of personality to the bedroom in time to play with depth. Of course, to get it, keep in mind that the wall that will make the difference should be the one that is farthest from the door.

Fashions come and go but there is a classic element of any bedroom that, this year, is trend. Although its traditional character may seem paradoxical, the truth is that the headboards are fashionable. You want to know why? Behind are the traditional designs, the bedrooms are filled with headboards with an undeniable protagonism thanks to the commitment to textures, colors and sizes that break with the established. This headboard is a really successful proposal of what is coming. Combined with embroidered quilts design that occupies the entire wall with wood as a star, another trend element for this year.