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Mirrored Night Stands: Fabulous In Bedroom!

Turn to one of these nightstands in your dream partner! The mirrored night stands are that little furniture that takes care of us during the long evenings. They have witnessed all the movie marathons, held the chicken broth in the days of sickness and kept our treasures in their guts. That is why choosing one should not be a hasty decision. There are all shapes, colors, sizes and textures. But it is important to remember that it is not only the lamp and the alarm clock, but it can also be an element that gives identity to the bedroom .  For those who like to dream big stories, and all they need is a little light for the trip, this Weber Architects design is perfect.

A cylinder that breaks with the established and a round lamp that seems to be a map of coordinates in the world. Your dreams will be well guarded and guarded with this original mirrored night stands that also can be, reasonably, called table of light.  Are you one of those people who have hundreds of important things to keep? The problems of space and the classification of drawers will no longer be a mess. This proposal by Jacobs Interiorismo shows that you do not have to settle for a table, if you can have two in one.

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Two Mirrored Night StandsSize: 1600 x 1167

Mirrored Night StandsSize: 1200 x 1500

You will be able to have near you an enormous amount of things, guarded properly and with the certainty that the design is not annoying or annoying. Goodbye to crowding and welcome is order and beauty. Practicality and order are admirable virtues in a person. Let your room present you for who you are, thanks to these minimalist mirrored night stands. Its innovative design and the simplicity of its lines will also add freshness to your room, and will be a source of light and energy when reflected from the lamps.

You could complement them with a simple and classic lamp or with a pair of lights embedded in the wall like the one that they propose to us. An elegant bedroom speaks well of a person. It is synonymous with distinction, excellence and good taste. Do not let the harmony of your room break and better complement it with a couple of tables with old designs . Its discreet shape will make the rest of the decoration look, but maintaining its presence, thanks to the fluidity of its lines.