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You can view the farmhouse quilts at the end of a bed, over a blanket rack, hung on the wall or in a clear case specially designed to show the quilts. How to show an old blanket depending on your personal taste and fitness cover. Follow some general guidelines to help keep your quilt in good condition so that it can be passed on to the next generation as a family clan.


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Determine how you will show the farmhouse quilts part. This depends, in part, on personal preferences, but takes into account the condition and value of the blanket. A quilted quilt should not be folded and placed at the end of a bed where it can get more handling when moving it or using it, while a durable quilt would work well at the end of a bed. Consider placing a more valuable or fragile blanket in a glass mount where its beauty can still be appreciated, but will not experience so much handling.

Repair the cover before showing it so that any damage does not get worse. An expert should preferably do the repairs, especially for more valuable farmhouse quilts. Try asking museums, specialty stores or auction houses if they can recommend an expert on repair and restoration cover. Clean the quilt according to the condition and age of the blanket. Some old quilts will not stand up to agitation from a washing machine or even hand wash. Use the washing machine only as a large bathtub and shake the blanket by hand, then place it on the centrifuge to remove the water from the machine. For more delicate quilts, cover the end of a vacuum hose with nylon stocking pants or a coffee filter and vacuum the blanket to remove dust.

Keep the cover away from raw wood. Over time, the acidity of untreated wood can affect a farmhouse quilts design. Whether viewing the blanket on a shelf, a blanket rack or a stick hanging on the wall, make some all the wood blanket the hand has been sealed well. Keep the blanket in direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight and fluorescent lamps weaken and fade fabrics. Although it is unlikely to avoid all ultraviolet light, the less direct light the blanket receives the better. Change the tire folding periodically. Keeping the blanket folded the same way for a long time will create fade marks on the exposed fabric that will be labeled as opposed to those parts that were hidden.