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How To Install A Faux Ceiling Beams

Faux Ceiling Beams– Most homeowners have rooms in their homes that they want to improve but do not know what to do. The most renovated rooms are the most widely used rooms: kitchen and living room. In homes that have an “open plan” in which living kitchens and kitchens together form a Great Room, there is usually a common ice block, lifeless glulam or cedar or spruce that runs across the room along the vaulted ceiling ridge.

Because blocks are structural, cannot be removed, so what can be done? There is an existing product called “imitation beam”. Faux ceiling beams is made of polyurethane (imagine solid foam, about pine stiffness) which is U-shaped, so interior ducts can easily slip on existing cedar blocks. Here are some easy steps to wrap wooden blocks with imitation wooden beams: Measure the existing blocks. Make sure the interior dimension for the polyurethane fusion beam will accommodate the existing wooden beams. Wake up the blocks every few feet to make sure the false blocks fit tightly, if necessary (In many cases, the fake beam will not wrap the existing beam perfectly, so usually add small pieces of wood / shims, safe with mechanics, fasteners).

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Slide faux ceiling beams on the existing ceiling beams and spikes / screws into the wood strips / shims you added in step 2. The complement nails are strong enough to hold, although you can also fight wood screws. I also suggest that you bring someone to take your photo to pick up the file. In fact faux blocks weigh 1-2lbs per foot, but in your photo will look like Hercules. Putty nails / screw holes. Use wooden putty or for small nail nails, some people just use a black sharpie to mark his head.

If all the tools are ready, the entire installation process from start to finish should take 1-2 hours. Once done you will have a wonderful new addition to your room. The Old World Tradition is a supplier of polyurethane building materials, including imitation beams, corbels, rafter tails, and more. With locations in Texas and California, we can ship the texture of the ceiling files we offer to any state in the country. That’s the article about faux ceiling beams that we can tell you everything.