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Tips Install Faux Rock Siding

A simple wall of heavy construction material is a challenge. We think about the cost of conventional coatings and we are afraid to imagine how much our budget will grow, including not only the material but also the hiring of skilled labor. But today we have a great solution for you, a coating of faux rock siding (air stone, stone diffuser) that you can do yourself, with some patience and dedication and for a fraction of the cost of construction. In the market, you will find a product that is really tempting for this project: the adhesive for air stone or coating of false stones.

Its composition is ideal for moisturizing and adhering to perfection, and in a time of very low drying on walls of concrete and faux rock siding material. But you can also use construction adhesive, which will perform well and may even be cheaper than the specialized one. Those that may remain can be filled with chips and minor cuts, without the need to add a tablet or any filler. Anyway, if you want to do this, you can add fortified adhesive pasty, matching it with your fingers at the time of placement, and you could even add ceramic pasty if it is the style you are looking to create. Cleans and releases the work area.

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Brush the wall to remove debris, and check if there is any need to repair or fill cracks. You can clean with a pressure washer if you want and if the room allows. Start working from the bottom row. Apply the adhesive for the faux rock siding decorative with a notched trowel, creating the notches that allow a better adhesion. Set the stones, starting at a corner and in a horizontal line, making sure they stand very well on the ground. Tap the handle of the trowel or spoon, or a rubber hammer, and use a bubble level regularly to check that the stones are flat. Continue placing the rows, trying to alternate the sizes and colors of the stones.

When you have made about 5 or 6 rows, check for cracks or separations that you need to fill before the adhesive dries. Remember to check the line with the bubble level, rotating the pieces or filling the necessary areas with chips. Already complete, it will not be necessary to prop up the lining due to the low weight of the modern faux rock siding. You only need to leave it dry with the ventilated room and add the pastry if it is what you prefer, or a protective varnish, although this material is ready to show off as it is.