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Fiberglass Front Doors Ideas

Fiberglass front doors are a division of Trinity Glass International, and manufacture both interior and exterior doors for the home. Their doors are made of a glass fiber composite material resistant to denting, tiling and rot. Even the doors are made of fiberglass, the surface is intended to look like wood, and some models also have a somewhat raised surface. You can color the doors a variety of colors to match any decor.


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Remove all metal goods and metal pieces from the door using a screwdriver to prevent them from staining them. Remove the door from the frame, if necessary, using a screwdriver to loosen the hinges located on the side of the door frame. Add door to apartment in a well-ventilated area. Select a wooden spot in any color. If your fiberglass front doors overlook the outside of the house, choose an outer hardwood stain. If the door is on the inside of the home, choose an interior hardwood stain. You can use water-based, oil-based or gel stains.

Wipe the entire surface of the fiberglass front doors design with a damp cloth to remove all traces of dirt and dust. Leave the door to sit for five minutes to dry completely. Dip a brush into the desired bite and apply a thin layer over the entire surface of the glass fiber door. Apply the stain to the wood fibers, which varies depending on the part of the door you are working with. Leave the stain for five to ten minutes, and then slightly wipe the surface of the door with a dry cloth to remove excess stain.

Allow the stain to dry for about four to six hours, and apply a second layer of paint if a darker surface is desired. Allow the stain to dry for 48 hours. Apply three layers of low gloss, or satin clear polyurethane, to seal the door. Let each layer of sealant dry for at least two to three hours in between the coats. Allow the door to dry for a further 24 hours. Replace the cover by re-inserting the hinges and screw all hardware back to the door.

Due to its low weight and ease of working, fiberglass front doors are a popular choice of materials for all types of doors. While glass fiber has its plus signs, it also comes with a negative, such as difficulty with color removal. Conventional paint removal methods usually work on fiberglass, but they can also damage structural integrity fiberglass when used improperly. With the right materials and the right technology, paint can easily be removed from almost all fiberglass doors.