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Sewing Fitted Bed Skirt

A flange fitted bed skirt is a great way to spice up your bedroom decor. They are easy to do, use finished flat sheets, and they are economical. A cover can be machine-washed, so it’s a smart choice for a children’s room, or if you have pets. Using co-coordinating sheets make your duvet reversible for even more versatility. Use a fluffy fitted bed skirt over a regular blanket, or over a console you already have. Be creative and spice up your bedroom with a home-made custom lid.


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How to sew a flannel fitted bed skirt with Place the sheets, straight to the right, flat on the work surface. Match the best finished edges of the sheets. Use straight sticks to secure the two sheets together so that they do not slip when sewing. Sew a 1/4 inch seam around three sides of the sheets, beginning at one of the upper corners. Let the upper end open so it’s like a big pillowcase. Trim the corners and turn out the right side. Press the edges flat with the iron. Top-Sew a straight line 3 inches in from the right edge, beginning in the upper right corner of the rug. Sew from the top edge of the blanket all the way down to the right.

Repeat this for the bottom and left sides. Leave the upper end open. Your sewn lines will cross, creating a small box in each corner. This creates the flanged edge of the fitted bed skirt part. Place buttons 3 inches down from the top edge, with the top right side up. Mark button placement with a pen on both layers of fabric. Space buttons evenly for a nice look. Make buttonholes on the top layer of the blanket. Sew the buttons inside the cover, on the lower sheet. Make sure they are strung up with the buttonholes.

Tips and warnings

Flannel sheets are a good choice for the cover, especially for the bottom layer. Buy the sheets bigger than the Arena or blanket you plan to cover. If you fitted bed skirt a dark or patterned console, buy slices thick enough, or dark enough, to cover the pattern. This is a good and cheap way to create your own duvet cover for a duvet. This is especially good for people on a budget, like students who want to create a cover that suits their own style. Acquire two sets of sheets the same size as the duvet cover. Turn the sheets with the good sides (the non-bleached sides) facing each other. Place one sheet on top of the other with the bleached sides out. Sew three sides of the sheets together.