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Considering Buying A Wall Hung Vanity?

Wall Hung Vanity – Wall mount vanities are a very big trend. They are for a contemporary home in a sleek and finished style. If you have a contemporary flair and remodel your bathroom, the dresser wall will make a great impression. Since there is no basis for arrogance it makes it very easy to clean as well. Sounds like an easy decision to make if you like the style but first. Maybe the price is much more expensive than you think.

Installation wall hung vanity is where the cost can rise significantly above the vanity floor. Before making a purchase, discuss the costs with the contractor so that costs are known upfront. Many contractors never install wall hangers unless they will tell you that this does not matter. It’s not fair to question your contractor’s experience. If they have no experience, they may return to you with “unexpected” problems and demand more money. It is important to discuss the details before the purchase is made and even then there may still be something “unexpected”. This is unfortunately true with most aspects of the renovation process.

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There are two main issues your contractor must face when installing wall hung vanity. First, discuss installation to the wall. Since you will not have arrogance, you may not know how it should be installed. There may or may not be installation instructions available before or at all. This happens more often than you might think but the industry is starting to give more information as a whole. The installation is more about the walls and studs and less about the vanity itself. Strengthening the entire wall of vanity before processing is widely recommended. Pride usually bolted to the wall. Second, be sure to address the location of the plumbing supply line and drain. Many hanging vanity walls have U-shaped pieces to accommodate the sewer.

It is very common for every vanity with a drawer in the middle. The supply and sewer lines need to be in the frame of pride and should be centered if there are U-shaped pieces. If the vanity opens on the inside without a rack or gutter then the plumbing does not have to be in the center but more visually appealing when you open the dressing door. If you need to move the plumbing to accommodate arrogance, discuss the cost of additional labor before you buy a dish of arrogance. By addressing two major issues with your contractor before making a purchase, you will be confidently familiar with the total cost associated with the purchase wall hung vanity. If you are doing new construction, you still need to review the vanity specs with the contractor.