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Stunning Folding Bar Stool You Should Try

Folding bar stool, they have passed from bar to a much more intimate corner of home:  kitchen. We mean, of course, stools. Its triumphal entry into this privileged space of our house is result of boom of kitchen islands, where office gains height and a high stool is necessary. However, smaller kitchens also play a key role, because in absence of space to have a table, we have option to lengthen a part of worktop to create a space for breakfast or aperitif. This can turn our beloved stools into essential items.

Stools there are many, but with those you are never wrong are with classic style. Wood, a certain romantic and rural atmosphere and good backing. These are most traditional stools, which will suit you both in a rustic style kitchen and in another with a more modern style. Of course, in latter you will have to play with color of wood and if you were third, dare you with pickling. Now that we are in fall, change will come in handy to redecorate your home. If space we have is tiny, it will not be too much to make folding bar stool style, which is easy to disguise in any corner. You can also make them disappear under counter, although for that you will have to dispense with backrest.

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Folding Bar StoolSize: 990 x 664

Folding Bar Stool WoodenSize: 800 x 1038

Folding Bar Stool WoodSize: 800 x 1253

Folding Bar Stool WickerSize: 1536 x 2048

Folding Bar Stool TypeSize: 1024 x 645

Folding Bar Stool TraySize: 890 x 890

Folding Bar Stool SetSize: 990 x 656

Folding Bar Stool OakSize: 800 x 800

Folding Bar Stool ModelSize: 1024 x 768

Folding Bar Stool IndoorSize: 1070 x 827

Folding Bar Stool HomeSize: 1485 x 1229

Folding Bar Stool GardenSize: 1350 x 1350

Folding Bar Stool DecorSize: 900 x 1200

You cannot have everything in this life! Another factor to choose stool is use you make of it. If you are going to eat a lot in kitchen and space is not a problem, prioritize comfort above all else and look for parts that have a good backing. Also note that seat is fluffy, as it will be much more pleasant and comfortable or have a bar to rest your feet. if you do not decide for a certain style … choose two! Mix can be very interesting. Mix colors, choosing same pieces or dare to experiment: stools with back and without back, industrial style with more modern design…

Of course, we advise mixing with at least four stools, as doing it with only two could make design of office is a little out of way. Finally, we want to offer you a practical idea that will come in handy if you want stool to not only serve you for kitchen office. Main problem with high folding bar stool is that they cannot be used as a normal chair.  And this is inconvenient when in dining room we have overbooking of friends or relatives. However, this problem has an easy solution thanks to stools that can be lifted and lowered.