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Best Cover Twin Canopy Bed

Twin canopy bed is those that have a frame on them that can hold a curtain. Because of their charm, they are the latest in decoration. Bed canopies can be draped over any bed to give the bedroom a soft, whimsical appearance. These canopies, often made of tulle, are the perfect touch for a bedroom or an adult romantic bedroom for a child. Finding and buying an awning, especially for a double-sized bed, can take a good amount of time and money. However, making your own bed canopy is easy, cheap and can be completed in an afternoon.

Determine how you want the canopy to hang on the bed. The hula hoop should be placed in the center of the roof above the bed if the canopy was covered over the whole bed. The hula hoop should be placed towards the head of the bed if the cover is hanging from just the top, leaving the lower half of the bed exposed. Set up a ladder or on top of the bed. Hold the hula hoop against the ceiling where it should be placed on the base of which you want the full size canopy bed to cover. Draw a mark in the middle of the hoop with the pencil. Turn the lamp hook on the ceiling where you have drawn a mark. Tug on the hook lightly to make sure it is safe.

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White King Canopy BedSize: 1200 x 800

Twin Cheap Canopy BedsSize: 999 x 641

Twin Canopy Bed PurpleSize: 900 x 900

Full Size Canopy Bed PinkSize: 1500 x 1500

Canopy Bed Curtains GirlsSize: 1600 x 1600

Cut four long lengths of 3 feet of cable wooden canopy bed designs. Tie one end of each of the strings around the hula hoop. Place the wires away from each other on the hoop. Fix the knotted ropes instead by rubbing a few drops of hot glue around the knots, using the hot glue gun. Knot the four strings together about two feet from the hula hoop. Make sure that once knotted, the hoop hangs parallel to the ground. Adjust the knot as necessary to make sure everything hangs evenly. Place the tulle on a flat, wide surface. Fold in half lengthwise.

Place the hula hoop inside the tulle, then pick up the tulle at the top, above the knot on the strings. Use one of the hula hoop cables to secure the tulle in place. The remaining wires will extend beyond the top of the tulle. Knot the four strings together again at the top. Use this knotted section of cord to hang the wooden canopy bed designs of the lamp hook. Secure the knot on the lamp hook by rubbing a few drops of hot glue around the knots using the hot glue gun. Place the tulle around the bed if you wish.